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Protect your assets and speed up your ride

Advanced coating technology, affordable.

Just better than paint.

A revolutionary, all-purpose coating solution for your industry

Something new.
Created to be a tough and durable protection against rockfall for high end cars, Speedshield Pro’s PVC casted wraps is quickly becoming the go-to solution for protecting assets in many industries across the world.

By blending different plastic and glue materials, different results can be achieved for different industries.
Boats can now be completely protected against hull fouling, while increasing speeds and decreasing fuel consumption. Solar Cells can be protected from dirt, bird feces and rockfall which lead to an increase energy protection over time and car owners can protect their underlying paint from scratches and scuffs making it’s resell price higher as well as giving their rides a fresh new look.

It doesn’t stop here though. Many different asset classes such as land tanks, oil platforms, wind power generators and more can be protected with Speed Shield Pro’s cost-effective and eco-friendly wraps. Be sure to enquire here for more information on how you can increase the value of your asset by protecting it from any source of damage.

Strong Corrision Protection

Speed Shield PRO has endured the widest range of tests including stress test -40° C to 150° C, impact velocity, fire sparks & abrasion.

Works on Almost Anything

Anywhere paint is used, Speed Shield PRO can be used: steel, existing paint, fiberglass, aluminum and other solid surfaces!

Environmentally Friendly

Good for the earth is good for us. Designed with a conscience, each wrap is completely non-toxic and 100% recyclable

Other Industries

We surface protect almost everything.

Speed Shield PRO - Automotive


Speed Shield PRO - Marine


Speed Shield PRO - Industrial


Speed Shield PRO - Aviation


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