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" We can't change the wind, but we can always adjust our sails to reach our destination. "


Designed with a specially engineered surface that creates a lotus effect between the boat and the water, the surface stays smooth and clean longer, meaning increased speed and better fuel efficiency for you.

Cost Effective

Costs similar to anti-fouling paint, but durability, quality and strength that lasts 4 years longer! You win.

Meets Regulations

Adapting to environmental concerns means adapting our regulations. Meet them in modern style.

As the environmental impacts begin to threaten our old ways of anti-fouling, the converstation is increasingly turning towards how to regulate it in a way that balances the needs of boat owners, and the environment alike.

Speed Shield PRO Marine Series Booklet

Download our Booklet

Contains economic relevance, product details, testimonials and more! 

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Hermosa Beach 90254 California, USA


Phone: 1-310-218-3314
Email: info@speed-shield.de